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Our mission is to give all doctors the growth tools necessary to become an IQ Accelerator... To use BlueIQ to Ignite Practice Growth!

As a BlueIQ Partner, you will be qualified to give profitable data dashboards to your clients. These dashboards change the lives of practices that use them. No more spreadsheets, no more wasted time and money wondering how your practice is performing. Know how you and your team are performing any time from anywhere. BlueIQ Partners get first hand knowledge and training from BlueIQ the #1 Data Toolbox on the market. Our partnership success team is ready to help you set up a valued partnership for your business. Fill out the form below to speak with our partnership success team today and get access to your complete power toolbox to ignite practice growth.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Our partner program is designed to help you at every stage of the customer journey. As the fastest growing Toolbox to Ignite Practice Growth we’re here to get you started selling profitable dashboards for your customers within a week. Automation and results wait for no one. We are here to partner with you as you begin your journey to create a team driven data driven practice. Let’s goooo!

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Our Dashboards get practice growth results anywhere from 20-200% in the first month. Partner with us and we’ll get your clients results too.
of Practices are still using archaic methods like spreadsheets
of Practices don't have quick access to key data
of Practices need training and tools for how to run a data driven practice

Your Complete Power Toolbox to Ignite Practice Growth!

Data Automation- Enabling Doctors and their teams to ignite cashflow.

BlueIQ Insights Platform: 

  • Provides patient lists
  • Offers complete visibility into who to call and why
  • Quickly Finds holes in Schedules 
  • Delivers better results for your practices 
  • Low Cost tools for high quality data driven results

BlueIQ Revenue Opportunities:

  • Maximize every patient encounter
  • Collect and display important data from
  • Your patient management system, Quickbooks, 
  • Google analytics, Facebook and much more. 
  • Create a team driven practice 
  • Team members that knows important daily actions
  • for the profitability of your practice.

Everybody Wins

What We Give You:

  • Access to a FREE BlueIQ Premium Account
  • Full- Service Custom Dashboard for you and your Clients
  • Dedicated Partner Manager
  • Ultimate Customer Support
  • Custom Trainings
  • Access to IQ University Training Library
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Turn-Key Solutions
  • Your Own Landing Page with custom links
  • Your Own Partner Page to see revshare profits
  • Two Way Texting Upgrade Options
  • Access to Mobile-Friendly Data

What We Give Your Clients:

  • Access to BlueIQ Insights, Plus or Premium Accounts
  • Top- Notch Service 
  • Complete In-House Fulfilment
  • Personalized Custom Dashboards
  • Personalized Team Dashboards
  • Custom Doctor and Team Trainings
  • Access to IQ University Training Library
  • Two Way Texting Upgrade Options
  • Access to Mobile-Friendly Data
  • Ultimate Customer Support
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Turn-Key Solutions

We’re #1 for a Reason

Our Process

We have data scientists and experts that help our doctors find success. Every expert specializes in a specific data task. This unique scalable model allows us to handle thousands of doctors data efficiently and at an affordable price.

Our History

We’ve been around for a long time, over a decade disrupting the data technology industry giving tools to doctors for growth that is affordable for everyone, that historically only big business had access to. With ten years under our belts we know a thing or two about data.

Our People

With a team of specialists working on each dashboard, we know the ins and out of how to create revenue-driving team driven practices that succeed.


Insights and the Practice Overhead Dashboard is our award-winning doctor designed technology platform. It is the base of everything we do at BlueIQ. It helps us scale a data driven practice for all of our doctors and keep costs down while helping doctors no matter the size create their team driven profitable practice.

Our Integrations

All-in-one practice management software for dentists. Connect with BlueIQ’s powerful technology to boost your practice performance.
Practice management software optimized for multi location practices. Connect with BlueIQ’s powerful technology to boost your practice performance. See a Demo

Track and analyze your website traffic and other key website metrics. 
Popular practice management EHR software for dentists.
Popular practice management software for chiropractors. Connect with BlueIQ’s powerful technology to boost your practice performance.
Track, view, and analyze patterns in your Facebook traffic by pulling your facebook data into BlueIQ.
Open source practice management software for dentists.
Connect your practices financial data to BlueIQ to Automatically and effortlessly track overhead, expenses and other key financial numbers.

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