November 15, 2021

Running a Morning Huddle with BlueIQ

By Dr. Cory M. Frogley

Running a morning huddle with BlueIQ is a game-changer for the success of your practice. It helps to bring your team together staying focused on your practice goals with your practice data. You can't improve what you don't measure. Running a morning huddle measures your team's progress right from the start.

The Ultimate Morning Huddle is the first 15 minutes of each day. Right before you open for business and start treating patients. Ideally, team members show up ready to make a difference in your patients' lives, with great energy and excitement.

Running your morning huddle with data takes your practice to the next level. This starts your practice off on the right foot. Now used by thousands of 7-Figure Practices. It's time for you to use BlueIQ's Secret Formula! A happy productive team knows where to focus and what to do each day, positive side effect of this huddle is watching your production skyrocket. These steps are so simple but so powerful. Are you ready? Here are the Ten Steps to an Effective Morning Huddle.

Step # 1: Have Your Front Desk Run the Morning Huddle

Morning Huddle Run with Data

Secret #1, as the Doctor or the Practice Owner you don't run the morning huddle... Your Front Desk runs the morning huddle. Why? We delegate this to the front desk team member because they're the quarterback of the team. And we want to buy back your time.  In fact, we do this in almost every one of our systems. We teach that empowering your team to run your practice by the data equals practice growth. Every morning your front desk team member shows up prepared ready to run the morning huddle. They come with the data ready to give the team their info and set up a game plan for the day. We've built a very simple process inside of BlueIQ to help your front desk come prepared, with a click of a button they will have all the data they need to run the huddle. Even if you don't have BlueIQ make sure your front desk takes the time to pull the reports and collect the data you need ready for the day.

Start with the Morning "Ping"

As the team is gathering your front desk team member can lead your team by making sure everyone is showing up with the right mindset. By checking in with each member of the team and feeling their level of readiness. Don't be afraid to do a fun morning routine of stretching, deep breathing, or other activities that match your team culture to make sure everyone is dialed in with great energy to start the day!

Step # 2: Review Yesterday's Win's & Losses

Celebrate Your Wins

The Front Desk will look back at the last full day of production (yesterday's services). This is the best time to celebrate your team for their hard work and any wins that they have accomplished. Finding these numbers inside BlueIQ is simple. With a click of a button, the front desk team lead can show your team how they did and if your practice reached target goals. As your team reviews the numbers no matter the outcome we want to stay very positive in the morning huddle.

Another thing to quickly review is how the team did with completing chart notes. Talk about goals for getting every patient charted correctly, along with getting all patients rescheduled. Review new patients and their return visits. It's the daily habit of doing these things consistently that drives a thriving practice. Use this time to celebrate your team and recognize them for hitting the daily goals. It is this positive reinforcement that encourages team members to put in the extra work every day for success!

Color-Coded Goals for Success

BlueIQ is called BlueIQ because if your team exceeds expectations or exceeds our daily goals they turn the color blue. This term we refer to as getting "In The Blue" which means we met or exceeded our target goals. Setting goals and targets that we wanted to hit as a team is really important for growth and creates team bonding. If you didn't reach your goals you can use this time to create a game plan to maximize the opportunities

BlueIQ will quickly show you today's schedule at a glance you can predict how today is going by checking out these gauges in BlueIQ.

The gauges in BlueIQ

If we weren't going to complete our new appointment goals or our production goals this gauge would be short, it wouldn't be completely full. Now we know we actually have room on the schedule for open appointments. If that's the case that actually flows right into secret number three which is patient activation. Or building the schedule. Where do team members go find to fill today's schedule? A team that's doing really well has actually built out a full schedule for their doctor. A full schedule has a very high probability of hitting our adjusted production goal this is what this huddle is all about because this is such a full schedule we need to be prepared for this.

Step # 3: Review Reactivation Efforts

Make it easy for patients to return. Talk with your team about using BlueIQ's going inactive list and BlueIQ's 2-Way Texting to quickly reach out to patients that are going inactive. Assign team members to send conversational-style texts to catch your patient's attention and show that you care. Talk about easy ways to send helpful videos, create in-office specials to text, including tips, and share with patients the steps your practice is taking to help patients get out of pain.

Step #4: Review Yesterday's Production Goals

Next, the front desk looks at production. Production is the value of services that drive the growth of your practice. Production is driven by completed appointments. We pull out some important data about that day and again quickly we can just point out anything like missing charges if you click on this is a completed appointment that will go directly to the patient's profile so you can see exactly which patient is missing charges and that provider can go back and complete that chart note.

Production Drives Growth

Identify any holes in the schedule. Are there opportunities here to add more appointments to the schedule or are there opportunities to look for patients that need to be handled with care and now the whole team is available and aware and engaged in those conversations to help those patients in their progress?

Review today's hot list of patients due for reappointment. As a team identifies who would be the best patients to reach out to. Assign a team member to connect with them. Filling the holes in the schedule helps us reach our daily production goals faster than anything else. It's the small daily actions that add up to staying "In The Blue."

Are we prepared for the day?

As we're preparing for the day we want to go now to the overview and we want to go down to click on new patients. These are the new patients coming into the practice today and we want to make sure everybody's prepared for them. Do we have completed patient application forms? Have they completed all the steps that ensure a high probability show rate? Are we aware of the main complaint that they're coming in for?

Make sure every single step is in place and ready for those we want to review any report of findings that we may have that day. Are the treatment plans prepared? Are the financials prepared? All the teams need to be contributing to those conversations to make sure that we have everything ready for the day.

Step # 5: Review Today's Scheduled Production

Are we on track? BlueIQ Insights gives you your production in seconds. It defaults to today, check out the production square. Production translates into visits. If you are behind in your production goal, you are behind in the scheduled visit's goal. Talk about what you need to do for the day if you are behind schedule for production.

If we go back to the overview in BlueIQ and we go to the patient's schedule we're now looking at any patients who we could invite to do a patient referral maybe they have a re-exam that day and they're showing amazing progress. Those are the patients that we want to engage in a conversation to share with us their friends and family or even participate in a referral program. So as the team engages and reviews the list of patients that day, again we can clearly assign which team member is going to be talking to that patient by knowing at what time during their patient visit is to invite them to share with you a referral.

Step # 6: Review Today's New Patients

Have your list of new patients for the day ready. We also want to review our new patients and BlueIQ makes this so easy, by clicking on the list of new patients that came into the practice that week or the day before we want to make sure that every single one of them received their next appointment. As your team completes the new patient's appointment I hope you have trained them to always schedule the new patients for their next appointment, the report of findings. We can track that new patient conversion through this process and celebrate that with the team.

Review New Patient Flows

Are All New Patient Applications Complete? Does your team have all new patients' paperwork completed and returned? Have you gotten confirmation that all new patients are coming, and know your address?

Step #7 Prepare for Turbulence In the Schedule

Where are the sticky spots in the schedule today?

Inside BlueIQ you would simply click on the schedule and as a team now we're going through the schedule to identify any sticky points. Where in the schedule are we going to be very busy where every team member is ready to handle the volume of patients that are going to be coming in during those high volume times as we scan through this we can talk about individual patients who might have a low probability show rate that we need to be aware of or patients that are coming in who may need additional conversations with those patients about services that they were recommended but patients haven't received yet.

How can we prepare for it? Have team members be ready to help at certain times of the day that you know will get hard for the front desk or other team members.

Step #8 Review Opportunities to Bundle

Look for patients that can be offered an add-on service or product.

Add-on services or products are a great way to help help the patient get pain relief even faster. Examples are laser, theragun, massage, vitamins, muscle creams, ice packs, and orthotics.

BlueIQ Makes it Easy

Are there patients that have some complexity in their progress? Could we recommend to them additional supplements or additional exercises or additional treatment to help them get back on schedule with their treatment goals? As the team reviews this, particularly larger teams can begin identifying information from different team members that they may have about that patient that needs to be added into the conversation. Your goal always is to provide the best results for your patients and be up with their progress at all times.

Step #9 Review Opportunites for Patient Testimonials

Look for two patients on the schedule who are getting great results.

Assign teams member to celebrate their health progress and then invite these patients to record a patient testimonial. This could be a quick video where you ask them about their results or take a picture of them holding a sign with their results. Pick the way that makes your patient feel most comfortable. Remember to get their approval to share it with a signed hipaa release form. Then share these testimonials on your website and social media platforms for the continued growth of your practice.

Step #10 Finish With an Inspirational Thought

Here's your chance now to end the huddle with an inspirational thought that keeps the team laser-focused for success that day. We do that by sharing inspirational thoughts. Rotate through the team so each team member has a chance to share a great patient success story or they may share a video with a short inspirational message, or they may read a favorite quote that inspires them personally.

This is also a great chance to review the core values of the practice and highlight how a core value has been shown by a team member that week. Make sure to celebrate any birthdays or anniversaries. You can also talk about housekeeping or upcoming events days off in the schedule etc. This is the time to just get everybody on the same page and as we wrap up the team meeting we're high-fiving each other. The energy is high and the team is ready to walk out and perform that day with patients that are showing up because we are now going right into patient care.

These are the secret steps for the most effective huddles that teams have as they prepare for the day. Again whether you're a team of two or a team of 20 this is the perfect flow to sets you up for growth and expansion. That's what we're here to help you achieve. BlueIQ is here to help you build the practice of your dreams.

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