October 18, 2018

Introducing Insights: The Best Tool to Drive Production in Morning Huddles


Your morning huddles will become the power meetings of your dreams with our latest release for BlueIQ, Insights. Sporting an energetic, graphical display of your schedule for the day, Insights was designed to help you optimize your morning huddles so each member of the team can identify and act on opportunities to grow or preserve production that day.

The Best Tool for Morning Huddles: Insights

Lack of a clear direction is why many practices never see double-digit growth. But hallelujah, we have a solution to this problem. Insights will help your team understand what actions they can take each day to build growth.

BlueIQ Daily Insights

How to Use Insights to Drive Production:

Team Leader: In morning huddles, a team leader using Insights can review key metrics and specific appointments that need attention in order to boost or preserve production. For example, patients with incomplete treatment plans, expired insurance, or who are missing key documents are identified by Insights so your team can put a plan together to address their unique concerns. Using Insights, the team leader can focus the team on appointments that require action and/or provide instruction to an individual team member for a specific appointment.


Team Member: Each team member, based on their role in the office, can use Insights to export patient lists and actions required for those patients pertinent to their role.

BlueIQ Insights

Practice Owner: Using Insights, you can spot where production is slipping through the cracks. You can identify the patients who left the practice with an account balance, new patients without a next appointment scheduled, family members of today’s patients without a recare appointment, and much more.


Gaining Insights Into Your Practice Production

Using Insights in your practice will help you highlight key objectives, identify progress toward reaching those goals, focus the team on appointments that require action, and more.

When every member of the team can identify and act on opportunities to grow or preserve production, the practice is poised to experience significant growth.

Let us show you how to use Insights to help your practice reach its production goals!

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