December 8, 2017

1 Simple Patient Checkout Script to Rule Them All

Running the front desk in your practice is an art. Without proper training, your front desk team can kill your cash flow. Of the many things they should be trained on (e.g. how to pick up the phone, engaging in group communication), how to ask for money is a BIG ONE. I’ve consulted with practices all across the country, and it’s astounding how many offices don’t ask for money. But you should, it could save you thousands of dollars! So, use this simple patient checkout script (and BONUS TIPS) to prevent aging accounts & money loss!

Why Should Your Practice Be Any Different??

When we go to the grocery store, Walmart, the gas station, or everywhere else we purchase goods and services, we pay right then and there (for the most part).

If you filled up at the gas station and said, “Dude, I’ll have to get you back next time I drive through town. Sorry.” You’d probably see flashing lights in your rearview as you drove off.

So, why should your practice be any different? Are you offering anything of lesser value? Are your bills less important? Do you want to work for free?

I would like to think NOT. That’s why I’ve put together this patient checkout script to help your practice collect what is due at the time of the appointment.

1 Simple Patient Checkout Script to Rule Them All

Patient Checkout Script

Don’t Forget These BONUS Tips!


You’ll be amazed at how many people pay just because you asked. Imagine everyone has money in their pocket, don’t judge the person.


Never say “dollars.” It’s less intimidating to the patient if you don’t stress the dollars.


The front desk must break eye contact after asking for money. Simply do something while waiting for the patient to respond (e.g. type on the computer, write details down, fill out an appointment card). The first person who speaks always loses! Don’t let it be the practice.


If you want to offer Care Credit, finance in-house, or any other lending options for larger balances, go for it. Get it secured on a credit card and have a service run the payments for you. Don’t ever store credit card numbers in a drawer, the doctor can be held liable for a breach.

You may want to offer a prepaid discount if the patient pays when they schedule or before they’re seen, especially if paying with cash or check.


You may want to put this patient checkout script on a 3 x 5 card (or print off the graphic above), laminate it, and hang it in your front desk team’s line of sight. At least until they have it down, anyway.


The more the patient laughs & smiles, the easier it is to get paid and make everyone feel positive about the transaction.

An Anti-Aging Prescription for Your Accounts Receivable

A couple months ago, I co-hosted BlueIQ's In the Blue Facebook LIVE Broadcast to share the 5 best practices for Accounts Receivable (AR) collection. In that video, I discussed this patient checkout script in addition to several other practices to help you manage your AR. If you missed it, you'll love the content, so check it out.

Here it is 😀

Need Help With Your Accounts Receivable??

If you would like help with any of the information above or any aspect of your Accounts Receivable, Andy Cleveland, the AR Ninja, is your guy!

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