September 14, 2017

How BlueIQ Helped Us Increase Our New Patients by 50% in Just 4 Months!

As the marketing director for Integrated Wellness, what I enjoy most about my job is coming up with marketing concepts and ideas. Being creative is where I do my best work. But being creative is just one part. When those concepts go out into the marketing world, it’s imperative that I know what’s working and what’s not. My concepts have to be effective and generate new patients for the company. Suddenly, my job goes from being creative to a numbers game and to be honest, I’m not a big fan of numbers.

But don’t underestimate the power of data—even if you’re numberphobic.

Any good marketer knows that numbers matter. Actually, metrics matter a lot. Calculating, understanding and reporting ROI, conversion rates, cost per acquisition, web statistics, page views, impressions, (the list goes on) it can all feel daunting. A non-number-loving person like me can get lost and consumed with tracking and reporting, and the tendency is just to guess and hope you got it right. It wasn't until I started using BlueIQ that I realized just how crucial data is to the success of the campaigns.

BlueIQ helped us hit our goal 4 months in a row and going for 5!

When my team and I started using BlueIQ, we set up metrics such as Number of Website Visits, Facebook Engagements and Patient Referrals. But the main one we focused on (our Key Performance Indicator (KPI)) was Number of New Patients.

Then we started measuring and holding weekly meetings to report and adjust as necessary based on the data. With this information, we set a goal of 80 new patients for the month of February. We crushed it. We set the goal higher for March and April at 100 new patients. Bing bada boom, we did it again! With confidence and momentum, we went even higher and set May’s goal at 120 new patients. We did it, no sweat!


How did we do it?

The answer is simple. BlueIQ spelled it out for us.

As a result of the data and insights, the team knew exactly what to do. No guessing, no hoping, we knew right where to put our efforts. We made informed decisions and the payoff was BIG— 50% increase in new patients in just 4 months!

The best part? I didn't have to give up what I do best (being creative) for something I struggle with (numbers). With BlueIQ it came together almost effortlessly and actually made numbers fun—as nerdy as that may sound.

But there was even more happening. . .

Measuring built respect and accountability.

From the social media manager to the copywriter to graphic designers, BlueIQ allowed the team to see the impact and the role each team member played in reaching our goal. Each person knew exactly what they needed to do to affect the numbers.

With respect for each other also came accountability to one another. We reviewed the data together, we made decisions together, we solved problems together, and we celebrated together. Our team culture changed for the better, something I wasn't expecting but couldn't be happier about.

BlueIQ has been a game changer for sure.

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Emily Dixon's career in marketing began over 8 years ago as a social media manager and marketing assistant. She now holds the position of Marketing Director for Integrated Wellness in Bountiful, Utah.

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