May 3, 2017

Transform Your Practice with Powerful Gamification!

Gamification has been around for years now. It’s been researched and tested, implemented in big business, and continues to trend up. For the most part, because it leads to higher work satisfaction and increased productivity. Yet, gamification isn’t something you typically find in a dental or chiropractic office. But why not?? Aren’t you guys just as interested in employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity, and driving profits?

Gamification = Better Business Process Management

At the end of the day, traditional management is a reactive system. It’s focused on system compliance and end goals (like Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)).

But isn't the success of your practice important to you, though?

Then you need a system in place that provides leading, proactive, and actionable indicators of performance and trends before it affects your KPIs.

What your company is yearning for is gamification!

Gamification is a proactive management system that provides immediate performance feedback and real-time progress. It’s focused on motivating your team to complete and achieve the defined tasks and goals (contributing upstream metrics) that feed your KPIs.

By definition, gamification is the process of taking something that already exists (like your business processes) and integrating elements of game playing into it to encourage participation and engagement.

In the academic realm, research has studied the transformation of work processes into a game-like experience and identified the outcomes of gamification on both the organizational level (i.e. productivity) and individual employee level (i.e work satisfaction). As seen in the Frontiers in Psychology Journal, Journal of Business Research, and International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, as such, studies support the beneficial effects of gamification such as improved job satisfaction and enhanced employee productivity via increased motivation and engagement.

The benefits of Gamification

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How Gamification Works in the Workplace

At its core, gamification is all about statistics. It’s about achieving goals using an engaging set of metrics, which provide immediate performance feedback and help to identify key steps that lead to success. By capturing statistics, communicating standings, and rewarding accomplishments, a method to drive continuous and extended participation is created.

Ultimately, though, gamification works because it redesigns jobs and mundane tasks by making them fun!

You see, the purpose behind gamification isn’t about exploiting workers to achieve higher productivity. It’s about enhancing work to increase productivity. Gamification is about making the lives of your employees more fulfilling, engaging, and satisfying. In turn, that increases employee morale and productivity. And that’s how it works!

Did You Know Big Business Has Gamified Their Processes?

Many Fortune 500 companies use gamification. Not just to improve products and services or increase productivity. But to increase worker satisfaction, develop better-trained and focused employees, as well as increase worker morale and quality control.

Some of the top companies gamifying the workplace include:

Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Deloitte, Sun Microsystems, IBM, L’Oreal, Canon, Lexus, FedEx, UPS, Wells Fargo, and countless others.

Now, if big business understands the benefits of gamification, then what is preventing small business from implementing similar systems to produce the same needed product? An invitation?

Well, you can download your official invitation to gamification right here. Our eBook will teach you the ins and outs of how to go beyond profit with gamification!

What Are You Waiting For?

In 2010, when gamification began gaining traction in the workplace, a revolution in business productivity was triggered. Think about how games naturally inspire engagement, problem-solving, strategies, learning, competition, and raw emotion. It makes sense why Fortune 500 companies have moved away from traditional management for a more fun, supportive team culture that keeps their team focused on progressing the company vision.

So, what are you waiting for?

Implement Gamification in 3 Simple Steps

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