March 23, 2017

Give Your Office Manager an Upgrade!

Your office manager has a hand in practically everything from training the team to handling patients to managing flows and growing the business. So, it makes sense that you’d want them to be awesome at it! Which is why you should give your manager an upgrade from office manager to awesome manager! Ensuring your office is being run by an effective leader who is equipped to build your business to its best!

What’s a Manager?

Managers manage people to get things done. When you get down to it, managers manage the flow of tasks to be done in a timely way.

So, if your business is about a series of tasks, then you’re cool with just an office manager. No awesome manager needed.

But . . . let’s say your business includes more than just tasks. Let’s say, “people.”

Whoa! Hold on, Kemosabe.

If your business deals with the flow of people (ahem: dentistry, chiropractic, and hundreds of other professions), then you really need an effective leader on your team, running your office.

Office Manager vs. Awesome Manager

Fundamentally, it’s the difference between a traffic cop and an air traffic controller. The traffic cop (the office manager) is right in the middle of things reacting to all the comings and goings. While on the other hand, the air traffic controller (the awesome manager) is a highly-trained professional, still right in the middle of things, but with a very different perspective. The difference in perspective allows the air traffic controller to proactively lead the flow of things and do so with a higher degree of effectiveness.


Effective leaders have a vision of success, know what the game plan is, and can see the big picture to know how to get “who” “where” and “what” done efficiently and effectively.

You see, when things aren’t functioning properly in your office, it’s not just a task adjustment. It’s a people adjustment. You’re not just moving around canisters of laughing gas all day (which would be much easier and possibly “funnier”), but you’re in the people flow business.

To truly be effective, your office manager must have perspective. (That’s a great mnemonic right there!). Perspective is achieved through training and data. Ultimately, your office manager must be an excellent people reader, know your business’ game plan (You do have a game plan, right?), and have an eye on the data that helps proactively manage the flow of people and tasks.

But this requires leadership training.

How to Train Your Office Manager

If you hired a dance teacher, would you want an expert who was technically trained or someone who was self-taught and only knows some basic steps?

DUH! You want someone proficient and effective—the same should go for your office manager.

So, train your office manager to be a proficient and effective leader, and you’ll have an awesome manager who has the capacity to handle the business flows effectively. Allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business (like treating patients or expansion, for instance).

How to Train a Dental Office Manager

Step 1

Train your office manager to understand the company’s vision, their role in that vision (with clear expectations), and the game plan for success in order to create both direction and purpose.

Step 2

Train your office manager to monitor and understand your numbers in order to proactively manage the business flows by providing a better perspective on every decision.

Step 3

Train your office manager to develop the production culture that will move your vision forward by helping each team member understand the company's vision, what their “piece” of that vision is, and what metrics measure their individual impact.

Step 4

Train your office manager to acknowledge hard work on a regular basis. As well as, to motivate and appreciate each team member by meeting quarterly to review their assigned metrics, strategies about the future, and engage a reward system when appropriate.

Remember This!

Managers move pieces around the game board. Leaders play to win!

*Mic Drop* 😂

P.S. If you really want your manager to be awesome at their role, stop calling them a "manager." Upgrade their title, too.

About The Author

Maikel Bailey

Maikel Bailey is an executive coach and corporate trainer, specializing in leadership, employee development, and team building. For coaching, training or more information, contact Maikel Bailey at 801.910.5704.

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