March 9, 2017

Unleash Your Inner Steve Jobs With These 4 Business Basics

Remember sitting in school dreaming about your future? The ultra successful practice you’d own with lines of patients waiting to see you. With plenty of time for family (and golf 😃), and of course, enough profit to fulfill your wildest dreams. . . And then you entered the real world of running a practice, right? Then got slapped in the face with funding it, hiring, contracts, payroll, marketing, supply costs, and insurance (which probably felt more like a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick). Well, is your dream still alive? . . . Or have you settled? Maybe it’s time to unleash your inner Steve Jobs!

Reality is you don’t have to have an MBA to achieve your business goals or run an ultra successful clinic. But (and this is a BIG BUT 😆) you do need to know the basics.

4 Business Basics to Achieve an Ultra Successful Clinic

If you were brutally honest with yourself, and revealed the tragedy that you’ve settled for less than your dream, don’t throw in the towel. It’s never too late to achieve your dreams (as cliché as that sounds, it’s true)! You just need to brush-up on your business basics and let your entrepreneurial spirit free.

4 business basics for success

#1 Dream Big and Document It!

Picture your ideal clinic: the way it smells, how it feels, the sounds, the patients, your team. What does the space look like? What are your patients’ demographics? Most importantly, what are the qualities that each team member needs to have for their position in order to fulfill the vision? Be as detailed as you can documenting your dream; even down to the amount of income you want to generate, the number of patients you want to see each day, and so on.

#2 Be the Leader You Would Follow!

Honestly, starting my first practice was daunting. It was a visceral feeling that I’ll never forget—being absolutely in charge and responsible for everything. It scared the S#!T out of me! And rightfully so. Our employees watch our every move, they look to us for direction and training. Thus, taking the time to invest in yourself and develop your leadership skills is absolutely vital to achieving your dream. Trust me, spend capital on your leadership capacity, and you’ll never regret it. Developing your potential enables you to better develop your team’s potential and move your vision forward!

#3 Know Your Numbers!

Truly, this is what separates the ordinary from the outstanding. Yeah, you can make a good living letting your bookkeeper and CPA do their routine work. Occasionally, looking at your P&Ls. Relying on your office manager to put out fires and “deal” with the employees. But achieving your dream requires you to dig into the details. Luckily, technology has advanced to the point that this is pretty darn easy. Not only can you pull all of your business’ data into one place to see the big picture, but dashboards nowadays even help you make sense of it all. Well, thoughtfully-designed dashboards, like BlueIQ, anyway. But regardless of how you do it, knowing your numbers is essential to achieving that vision you put down on paper!

#4 Give Your Team Purpose!

Plain and simple, visions that don’t get shared, don’t materialize. So, if you’re serious about achieving your dream, then share your vision with your team. Help your team understand how each of them fit into the vision. Why were they hired? What specific qualities do they bring to the organization? What role do they play in achieving the dream? How much do they need to produce in order to fulfill their role? This is where a business dashboard really comes in handy! It allows you to define clear production expectations and get your team engaged in the data that moves the company forward. Allowing your team to actually see their direct impact on the company objectives and overall mission. Genuinely, it’s pretty dang powerful how engaging your team in the vision gives them a sense of purpose and makes their work meaningful. It creates the culture needed to achieve your dream!

No More Lollygagging!

Get to work! Your future self is begging you to unleash your inner Steve Jobs by implementing these 4 business basics to achieve the life you deserve. So, get ‘er done!


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