February 9, 2017

How to Market Your Practice This Valentine’s Day

Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns and most notably, paid advertising, tend to increase around shopping holidays like Valentine’s Day. Basically, because online spending increases and businesses want to benefit from consumer trends. Since, your dental practice probably doesn’t offer goods or services people can buy online. Do you know how you can still benefit from Valentine’s Day consumer trends??

It’s a lot easier to answer that question when you understand how Valentine’s Day consumer trends connect to dentistry.

Valentine’s Day is Code for “New Dental Caries Day”

Pretty sure eating 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and 4.8 billion to 6.7 billion individual candy hearts (not to mention the chocolate covered strawberries) means we Americans have cavities, cavities, cavities. If you thought Valentine’s was about red roses, then you haven’t seen Thorton’s record-breaking 3,725 lb box of chocolates! Incredibly, out of the $19.7 billion total Valentine’s Day spending estimated for this year, (this may disturb you) nearly $1.7 billion of that will be spent on CANDY!! (Hope you didn’t just drop your explorer 😉).

valentines day gift fun facts

*Source: National Retail Federation Valentine’s Day Spending Survey, Monthly Consumer Survey

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Now, I don’t need to inform you how sugar affects our teeth. Especially, since dental caries (both treated and untreated) affect over 90% of the population!

Tooth Decay Statistics

*Source: National Institute of Dental Craniofacial Research

So, Here’s How to Market Your Practice This Valentine’s Day

There’s a gazillion ways you can customize these steps for your practice. And just executing one will have its benefits. The goal here is to implement Valentine’s Day marketing to capitalize on consumer trends 😃

Idea #1

Create fun and relevant, dental social media posts 1-2 weeks before and after the holiday to engage with your audience. Post at least twice per week. Use an image or other media on each post. Consider boosting successful posts.

  • A Valentine’s kiss is thought to bring good luck the rest of the year, but did you know kissing can help prevent tooth decay?? Click to Tweet
  • Did you know eating all that Valentine’s chocolate may actually help suppress cavity development?? Click to Tweet
  • The most popular gift given for Valentine’s Day is CANDY! Don’t forget to brush your teeth. Plaque + Sugar = Tooth Decay. Click to Tweet

Idea #2

Advertise on Facebook and Instagram 1-2 weeks (or more) before and after the holiday. Promoting a call-to-action (CTA) to schedule a teeth cleaning to prevent cavity development, a check-up to minimize potential damage, and/or buy an oral rinse (or other product) to remineralize and reverse tooth decay or show your teeth some love. Choose one CTA or create multiple ads to promote more than one product or service. Use an interesting image on each ad! A good image will catch their attention and get them interested more than any other aspect of the ad (just like a regular post)!


When plaque and sugar are present in your mouth at the same time, tooth decay happens. Schedule a teeth cleaning today to prevent cavity development from all that Valentine’s candy!

Let us clean off any plaque or other damaging material that brushing alone cannot remove.

CLICK HERE for MORE Ad Ideas and Examples

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