January 11, 2017

Are You Being Tracked!?

We measure what’s important to us. Some of us measure our body weight or Facebook likes. Others measure calories burned, money in their account, or even the number of people they‘ve slept with. But what happens when someone else begins to measure us?

WHY Am I Being Measured and By WHO!?

In a world of GPS smartphones, websites visited, uber miles traveled, and social media posts, going through the day without being measured is almost impossible. When we stop and think about it for a moment, it’s a little creepy: WHY am I being tracked and WHO is watching me?!

If it’s the guy in the white van tracking my every move to learn my individual behavioral patterns so he can abduct me at the perfect moment . . . (Probably, between my ritual 7AM scrambled egg whites and my 7:10 drive to the office) . . . Well, then I’m definitely freaked out!

But what if it’s just big data trying to use my individual patterns to see mass patterns in order to improve the product for my benefit? Hmm, that doesn’t seem so creepy, does it?

Being measured, at first glance, raises our blood pressure. But it doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. We just need to understand the WHY and WHO behind the measurement. With understanding can come agreement. With agreement comes affinity.

The Power of Measurement

Measurement allows our team members to see their individual contribution to the overall company objectives; providing both value and purpose. Equally important, measurement brings opportunities for conversation.

Erasing the fear of measurement and building affinity amongst your team is as easy as remembering this powerful acronym: MISE.

Building Team Affinity

Mise is a term meaning a settlement or agreement.

If you remember MISE when it comes to measuring your team, you’ll build affinity through agreement and understanding. A team with affinity operates at a higher level and increases their chances of success. Just ask Steph Curry and the Warriors!

With a team that feels more like a family, you’ll bust open the door to achievement! And the data at your fingertips will drive the decisions that get you there!

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