December 15, 2016

How Happiness Can Affect Your Bottom Line

The pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right, which was beautifully declared by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. But did you know that your team’s happiness holds the power to propel your company towards its vision?

The Theory of Relativity of Happiness

E=mc2 is the most famous equation in science. It expresses the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other. Profoundly, this is also true for happiness and success.


Albert Einstein’s equation is part of his theory of special relativity, in which all motion must be defined relative to a frame of reference and that space and time are relative, not absolute concepts. (Rest assured, that’s all the physics we’re going to get into 😂) Similarly, the nature of human happiness is relative; it’s different for everyone. Yet, it’s a basic human concern that we all pursue.

“Happiness is one of the most salient and significant dimensions of human experience and emotional life.” — Sonja Lyubomirsky

Like mass and energy, happiness and success can be converted into each other. On one hand, happiness can be converted into success, because . . .

Happy Team Equals Happy Patients and More Production

When your team members are happy, your patients will have a greater experience. Your practice will gain a reputation that helps to increase its profitability. On top of that, happy employees are more productive. Science and common sense back that up. Consequently, happiness is converted into success.

On the other hand:

appreciation and Achievement equal happy team

When you appreciate your team’s hard work to progress the company vision by acknowledging it and sharing the wealth, your team members feel valued. As they achieve their goals and meet your expectations, they feel accomplished, and again, valued. When your employees feel like they have a purpose, they’re happier and more motivated. Hence, success can be converted into happiness, which actually then creates more success.

Ultimately, a happy team is the basis for major success.

How to Create a Happy Team

Your team is the foundation for making your business successful. Don’t ever forget that you’re employees are your greatest asset. Take the time to ensure your team members are happy, because that’s the only way they’ll buy into your purpose. Needless to say, the only way they’ll stick around.

How to Create a Happy Team

You’ll feel the benefits of a happy team throughout the whole office, at home, and certainly, in your bank account! Most importantly, you’ll be the kind of leader that cares about their team 😊

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