September 15, 2016

How to Use LinkedIn to Attract New Patients

The quality of the leads on LinkedIn make it a must-have platform for any business. But building a genuine, organic audience on LinkedIn takes time and effort, just like other social channels. Building your "tribe" is a process that consists of a series of tactics designed to hook people that believe in what you believe and see a value in what you provide. LinkedIn is a great medium for this! Out of love, I’ll save you the time and research it takes to find the marketing tactics needed to build your tribe on LinkedIn and attract quality new patients.

11 Actionable Steps to Utilize LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Let’s skip all the mumbo-jumbo about why you should build a tribe on LinkedIn and get straight to the juicy bits on how you can do it.

If you want to attract new patients on LinkedIn, you need to implement a LinkedIn patient acquisition strategy. So, feast your eyes on the list of tactics below. These tactics are simple enough to integrate into your current social media marketing strategy. Plus, each step is easy to follow, so you can immediately start generating new patients from your LinkedIn profile.

Step 1: Groom Your Profile and Add Keywords

If you don’t have a company profile yet, handle that first. Then make it all nice and pretty with targeted keywords in the description and identified specialties. Don't forget to add an awesome banner/header image and your company logo, too.

If you're just getting started on LinkedIn, click here to view the frequently asked questions for company pages.

Step 2: Link to Your Company Page

If you have a company website and other social media platforms, add a link to your LinkedIn company page. Additionally, put a link in your email signature. If you guest blog, then put a link in your author bio. If you build these valuable backlinks, you'll drive even more traffic to your LinkedIn company page.

Step 3: Get Your Team Involved

Ensure all your team members are following the company page on LinkedIn. Each employee should have the company listed in their employment section as well, with a link to the company website (this helps provide valuable backlinks for your website's SEO, too). If you have a promotional video or branded image they can upload, provide it and have them add it to their profile. Lastly, the more your team engages with the company's LinkedIn posts, the more eyes you’ll get in front of your content. So, encourage your team to like and share company updates.

Step 4: Post Daily

When it comes to posting on LinkedIn, 80% should be company news and updates, industry articles and insights, thought leadership pieces, or asking followers to weigh in on hot topics. Meanwhile, the other 20% should be promotional content (i.e. "schedule an appointment," "call us today").

Whatever you post, make sure it associates with your company keywords for search engine optimization (SEO). Also, include rich content in your posts (i.e. images, infographics, videos, links, and SlideShare presentations) to keep things fresh and exciting for your community. A little food for thought, YouTube videos can increase share rate by 75%. Lastly, optimal post timing for LinkedIn is 7AM-9AM or 5PM-8PM.

For additional posting tips (applicable to your other social networks as well), check out our article: "How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post."

Step 5: Publish Articles on LinkedIn

About 1 to 3 times per month, write deep dive LinkedIn articles on topics your prospects are interested in. Keep in mind, these articles have to be created & published on your personal LinkedIn profile, and then you can share them on your company page.

The key here is to find out what questions potential new patients or prospects are asking, and then become the authority figure on the topic by answering those questions for them.

It's important to include keywords in your articles for search engine results, so people can find your content on Google, for instance. If you're strapped on time, this content could be repurposed content from your company blog or other writing opportunities. However, if you really want to increase your followers and attract new patients, provide fresh content they can’t get anywhere else.

Step 6: Cross-Promote

Got other company channels, a newsletter, social media accounts, or a blog? Great! Cross-promote your content posted only to LinkedIn by sharing it on these other platforms.

Step 7: Sponsor Top-Performing Content

If you’ve got the marketing budget, then once a month (minimum) you should promote the stuff that’s working to drive engagement. Believe it or not, it’s not the poor-performing content you want to sponsor in hopes to better its performance. Nope, it’s the good stuff you want to sponsor to drive even more engagement.

If you're unfamiliar with promoting LinkedIn content, click here to view the frequently asked questions for sponsored content.

Step 8: Engage With Your Followers

Every chance you get, engage with your tribe through comments in conversations, discussions, and posts. This is important for maintaining your tribe as well as growing it.

Step 9: Monitor Your Analytics

Find out what’s working and what’s not. Monitor your post analytics in regards to the type of content, time of day, and frequency that drives the most interaction. Then duplicate what works!

Step 10: Participate in LinkedIn Groups

Don’t just join, actually participate in LinkedIn groups associated with your industry. Chime in! Put your knowledgeable two-cents in and give your expert opinion. Get recognized as an authority on something in your expertise. It’s a great way to connect with other authority figures and build your credibility so potential new patients will see you as the go-to expert.

Step 11: Request LinkedIn Followers

Explicitly request LinkedIn followers on other social media channels twice a month. Get creative versus “Please follow us on LinkedIn.” That's boring!

If you want people to follow you, give them a reason. Show your personality in these promotional posts. Clever, creative calls to action are what’s going to drive clicks and follows.

Quality content and actual company news on your page (the reason most people follow companies on LinkedIn) helps a lot, too.

It's Time to Implement Your LinkedIn Patient Aquisition Strategy!

Voilà! Now you’ve got 11 actionable tactics to utilize LinkedIn for patient acquisition. But before you can take the first step, there's actually a half step in there, which is to strategically add these tactics to your marketing calendar or game plan.

After you've implemented your LinkedIn patient acquisition strategy, use your analytics to help make necessary adjustments for your audience and intentions.

In closing, with a little persistence, time and effort, you will grow your tribe on LinkedIn. (Even if you have a limited budget.) And in doing so, you'll attract valuable leads to convert to new patients! So, what are you waiting for?

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