April 12, 2016

How to Manage Energy and Move as an Entrepreneur

Novelist, Michael Cunningham said, “If you shout loud enough, for long enough, a crowd will gather to see what all the noise is about. It’s the nature of crowds. They don’t stay long, unless you give them a reason.” Of course, the issue here isn’t “shouting.” There’s a compelling leadership principle in Cunningham’s statement that you should follow as an entrepreneur.

Basically, it’s what propels you to go beyond the status quo. It’s also what could propel your current company into something more fulfilling. The top business leaders know it and they use it to their advantage — pure energy.

Pure Energy

As an entrepreneur, you manage energy more than you manage time, processes, procedures, and so on. Why? It involves knowing and doing. Because you know something doesn’t mean you’ll act on it.

For example, if knowledge were enough, your patients would schedule treatment with unflinching loyalty. Instead they delay, make excuses, and often do so at risk to their own health.

One thing separates the knowledge crowd from the action-doer crowd—it’s energy!

Energy Defined

Consider this definition of “energy:”

  1. internal or inherent power; capacity of acting, operating, or producing an effect.
  2. strength of expression; force of utterance; power to impress the mind and arouse the feelings; life; spirit.

Notice a particular word within the definition—power. Energy gives you “power.” Your leadership capacity is a reflection of your power. In this instance (and ideally for most), your power isn’t a force to be wielded like a sword.

Energy fueled power is your ability to establish, guide, and propel progress. It’s your capability to produce an effect through and within others.

As a business owner, be careful not to impose your vision on your team. Your power is most effective when (according to the definition) it arouses something in the heart of your team.

How to Manage Energy and Move Beyond Managing Your Time and Processes

1. Energize your motivation.

At the core of motivation is an internal awareness of what gets you out of bed in the morning. The same enables you to work through setbacks too.

Energy management is substantially more productive than time management. Time is a limited asset but your energy is different. TWEET THIS

Practically, you cannot produce your personal time or that of your team. Though, you can create and manage reservoirs of energy that you can tap into consistently.

Energy Boost: List the energy generators of your current business. Think beyond singular hours and production blocks.

2. Energize your long term vision.

You probably envisioned a different future two, five, ten years ago than you’re currently living. This happens because vision drifts.

It’s never too late to reset your course by infusing your vision with fresh energy. TWEET THIS

Energy Boost: Recall why you “love” what you do. List the reasons you love your career.

Energy Boost: Invest in an idea-economy. Partner with like-minded sources of energy that build you as leader rather than merely a producer.

3. Energize your growth.

There’s something numbing about waking up and going through the motions. Managing time more than you manage energy will do this to you.

Mere existence drains energy when it has no future beyond the daily grind. Being an entrepreneur means you should be consistently making progress towards higher goals and purposes.

Energy Boost: Define your goals. This sounds cliché, but realize nothing was ever achieved without clear, measurable goals.

Energy Boost: Get rid of energy drains. Where is time or current processes within your business sucking your energy? Fearlessly face, and if necessary, eliminate them.

Energy Boost: Partner for progress. If you’re committed to making energy management a priority, you’ll need help. Ask for help from supportive leaders within your industry.

About the Author

Rhonda Mullins is CEO and Managing Partner of Dentrepreneur Solutions, an Atlanta based design consulting firm for Dental Entrepreneurs. She has cultivated a “Design Thinking” approach to close the gap between Research Evidence-Based Dentistry and Optimum Patient Care Delivery through a Care Driven® focus that allows any business model to succeed and be sustainable in the shifting landscape of the dental industry.

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