February 24, 2016

You CAN Cure Employee Apathy

Did you know that “68% of employees feel their company isn’t doing enough to create a work culture in which employees have a sense of purpose and a meaningful impact” — Talent Culture.

How can you expect employees to push production and feel passionate about achieving your company vision if your work culture doesn’t support those mindsets? Rationally, you can’t!

So how do you cure employee apathy?

Gamification is the solution the doctor ordered!

"55% of Americans say they are interested in working for a company that uses gamification to increase productivity" — Saatchi & Saatchi

Gamification brings added benefits on top of increased employee morale. It brings a 20% increase in focus, 27% increase in inspiration to be more productive, 30% increase in the desire to be at work, and 36% improvement in employee turnover. To boot, it brings a 48% increase in engagement, which leads to a potential 22% increase in productivity and 21% increase in profitability.

These are some serious benefits for any business owner, especially a small business owner. So why is it that small business hasn’t adopted the management style like big business? In fact, some of the top companies gamifying the workplace include: Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Deloitte, Sun Microsystems, IBM, L’Oreal, Canon, Lexus, FedEx, UPS, Wells Fargo, and countless others. Yet, small business, which about 50% fail within the first five years and only about one-third survive ten years or more, aren’t jumping on the bandwagon.

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” — Tony Robbins

Obviously, gamification isn’t just a fad that’s going to come and go with the wind. It’s been gaining popularity since 2010 and is projected to continue to a whomping $5.5Bn global market by 2018. It’s about time that you choose success and dramatically better business outputs. Prevent yourself from becoming statistic and welcome a system that can push your business into the blue.

Blue is the new black!

Being “in the blue” is more than making money or positive cash flow, it’s success. Blue is the ability to scale. The ability to spend more time living life than you do on the production line. The ability to have moderate proportions on your plate of things to do, because you have an accountable team that gets things done. Blue is profit. Blue is growth. Blue is freedom. And you’re about to find out how to bring your business into the blue with a system that works.

“Gamification increases productivity levels for 90% of workers and increases awareness of co-workers’ goals and tasks for 86%” — PRNewswire

It’s easier than you think to start gamifying your business and the bonus . . . gamification isn’t just fun for your employees, EVERYBODY loves the feeling of winning, especially the business owner!

Watch the three-minute video above and learn how to gamify your business in three easy steps.

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