February 19, 2016

Fearlessly Answer These Two Questions About Your Career

As an entrepreneur, there are two questions that you must fearlessly ask and answer to create and grow a sustainable future. If you’re not ready, watch out for the stampede of those who are ready to lead their business to new heights.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” —Dr. John C. Maxwell

If that statement is true, what does it reveal about you and how you lead your team? Is it about leading your patients to treatment plan acceptance or your customers to accepting necessary services? What about leading your team to deliver outstanding care or service or produce superb products?

Or . . .

Is the art of leadership about all of the above and much more? Either way, you are (as we speak) the leader or the follower in your career path. It’s riskier on the leadership side, but entirely more fulfilling.

How so?

I believe you would agree that most days you spend your time reacting. You react to your schedule, to the gaps in your schedule, to a vital employee’s pace, to your team’s productivity, to your profit and loss statements, to production . . . you name it.

Leadership doesn’t change the circumstances that surround your business. It changes your perspective—Click to Tweet

The two questions that you must fearlessly ask and answer to create and grow a sustainable future as entrepreneur are:

Are you doing what you love?

This and the question to follow are essentially about self-awareness. As a leader, you must be keenly self-aware (fearlessly so). Ultimately, your leadership is about heart. It’s knowing your why and it’s so compelling that it drives your passion.

  • Why you love your industry.
  • Why you love your specialty.
  • Why you love your business.
  • Why you love your location.
  • Why you love working alongside your team.

And the BIG why . . .

Why will you love doing this 5,10, 20 years from now? hat leads us to the second question.

Are you loving what you do?

It may sound somewhat similar to the first question. Yet, this question has more to do with the "how" part of your daily work. How will you do your work in a way that taps into your love for being an entrepreneur? How will you reveal your love for what you do?

Let’s go deeper and talk legacy.

Is how you’re fulfilling your work today creating a better future? Are you building . . .

  • a distinct culture?
  • a top performance team of leaders?
  • excellence in service, care, or products?
  • efficiency into your entrepreneurial strategies?

Will your legacy be evident tomorrow, next month, next year, two years, five years from now? As an entrepreneur, you’re a thought-leader. You want to make a mark in your particular corner of the universe. And you’re convinced that what separates successful entrepreneurs from everyone else is pure courage and perseverance. You want your organization to create value beyond merely generating income. Two principles are implied in Dr. John C. Maxwell’s quote: “Everything rises (lift) and falls (landing) on leadership.”

There is still plenty of room for more to take-off-and-land on the “runway,” regardless of your industry.

Now is the time to lift yourself, your team, and your patients/customers. Ultimately, that’s the essence of your love for your industry and your distinct model to deliver optimum service/care/products to others. Where you “land” is contingent on your approach. This is the "how" of what you do to build your career. Creating a sustainable legacy requires leadership. And it might call you to a level of leadership you’re not currently prepared to reach.

Check your pulse. There’s a growing community of entrepreneurs prepared to lead their business, and ultimately, their legacy, to new heights—Click to Tweet

Is that you? For more on leadership, check out Leadership Makes A Difference by Larry Wintersteen.

About the Author

Rhonda is the CEO and Managing Partner of Dentrepeneur® Solutions, an Atlanta-based consulting firm for Dental Entrepreneurs. She is an innovative, creative consultant to Solo, Multi, and Large Group dental practices across the United States.

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