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Join thousands of doctors already using BlueIQ to automate their practice and supercharge their profits.
Join the 1000+ doctors who are actively using BlueIQ.  Automate your practice, supercharge your profits, find hidden revenue, and deliver the right data to the right team member at the right time.

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“BlueIQ is the best! I doubled my profits in the twilight of my career”

Dr. Rob Mugatroyd, Practice Owner

With BlueIQ, Robert's profits  Grew 200%  in just 6 months!

See How BlueIQ Works For Your Practice

Your Practice Growth Power Tools

Revenue Opportunities

Maximize every patient encounter

Goal Setting

Track each team member's progress

Morning Huddle Insights

Start each day with the information that matters

Enterprise Insights

See all your locations on one dashboard

Smarter Patient Communication

Upgrade your phones with the latest technology

Custom Dashboards

Take control of your data and your practice 

Increase Practice Profitability

BlueIQ collects data from your patient management system, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Quickbooks. You can view and customize metrics across your locations or drill into a single location. Manage your entire DSO from a single platform, isolate concerns or highlight team members that are contributing to your success! Finally, a software with team intelligence.

"Our profits are up 57% in just 6 months! We are having our best year ever thanks to all the tools my team now has access to!"

Dr. Charlie - Practice Owner

Create a Team Driven Practice

Our software is kinda like waving a magic wand over your practice so your data is at your fingertips, triggering the right actions, for the right team members at the right time.

"My front desk immediately increased our scheduled patients and increased our production by $1200 our first day!"

Jennifer, Office Manager

Ignite Your Better Patient Experience

Quickly Create Beautiful Dashboards. Accelerate Profits, Empower your team with Smart Actions Daily. Move the needle, without hiring more employees, spending hours training, or losing out by not staying ahead of the curve! Blue IQ helps run the business easily and effortlessly, so you can focus on the patients. Let’s join forces so you can use your powers for Good!

“Our case acceptance rate went from 68% to 84% in the first month! Thank you BlueIQ! ”

Dr. Sally, Practice Owner

Hidden Revenue Found
Avg Growth
21+ H
Saved Per Month
BlueIQ Growth Tools

Thousands of Practices 💙 BlueIQ

  • Dr Pierce, Practice Owner
    BlueIQ is the one piece of software that we use seriously everyday in practice.
    Dr. Pierce
    Practice Owner
    Blue IQ is more than a support program, it’s more than a software, more than any consulting program could ever give.
    Dr. Tarrah
    Practice Owner
    Dr Rochelin
    BlueIQ has given me the fuel to accelerate my why, I love using it to improve my practice performance.
    Dr. Rochelin
    Practice Owner
  • Dr Henry
    BlueIQ is the perfect System to plug in and use to take my data and apply it to business growth.
    Dr Henry
    Multi-Practice Owner
    Dr. Patrick
    Blue IQ has made a tremendous impact on my practice.
    Dr Patrick
    Practice Owner
    Dr. Conroy
    BlueIQ helped me bring it all together. It’s something that’s been done, it’s proven and it works.
    Dr Conroy
    Integrated Practice Owner
  • Dr Zweeden
    BlueIQ has been nothing short of amazing.
    Dr Zweeden
    Multi-Location Owner
    Dr Charlie
    Our profits are up 57% in just 6 months! We are having our best year ever thanks to all the tools my team now has access to!
    Dr Charlie
    Integrated Practice Owner
    Dr Tony
    I am addicted to the BlueIQ mobile app! I can’t believe I can see all my practice numbers right on my phone!
    Dr Tony
    Multi-Practice Owner
  • BlueIQ made it so simple. I’ve Loved having BlueIQ, it's so easy. It is the BEST dashboard for practice management.
    Dr. Trevor
    Practice Owner
    Thanks Doc Coryand the BlueIQ team! The Growth Challenge really gave me the opportunity to stop and evaluate my practice and myself as a leader.
    Dr. Connie
    Practice Owner
    Amazing company that teaches business principles that work. BlueIQ has helped me establish the systems to create a team driven practice.
    Dr. Brice
    Practice Owner
  • Our clinic has grown 30% since starting BlueIQ. When you empower a team you move from having individual parts to a smooth working machine.
    Dr. Sally
    Practice Owner
    This resource took my level of reporting, delegating and leadership to another level. Seriously, no more endless hours do “building” excel or google sheets for stat tracking.
    Dr. Jeremy
    Practice Owner
    BlueIQ is the key to unlocking your businesses full potential. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. The principles taught are universal.
    Office Manager
  • BlueIQ will support you all the way through the process of customizing and getting your dashboard setup. I highly recommend them.
    Practice Coach
    We have upped our game 100% with using the system. I HIGHLY recommend getting on a call and checking it out!
    Dr. Lutz
    Practice Owner
    I have paid over $200,000 in consulting fees over a 15 year period and let me tell you this is by far the most comprehensive program out there.
    Dr. Troy
    Practice Owner
  • The BlueIQ software is the best software for business intelligence and dashboards. You get real-time metrics! No more excel sheets!
    Dr. Brandon
    Practice Owner
    The software has been such an amazing resource and tool for our business.
    Office Manager
    If you need help getting strategies, policies, training, and growth in your practice, you need BlueIQ in your life! Thanks Dr. Cory for everything.
    Practice Owner
  • We have gained powerful tools and insights we can start implementing right away. The reports are amazing! We are so excited to fully implement this into our practice.
    Office Manager
    We were able to automatically track our report of findings completion rate and improve it by 20% in just 2 weeks!
    Dr. Larson
    Practice Owner
    BlueIQ + BlueID =The software add-ons that will save you hours... easily text patients, automate patient reactivation, collect more money, and fill your schedule.
    Dr. Jared
    Practice Owner
  • My front desk immediately increased our scheduled patients and increased our production by $1200 our first day!
    Office Manager
    Automation is the new growth hack! You have to know your numbers to master the business of running a practice! I can’t and won’t live without BlueIQ.
    Dr. Randy
    Practice Owner
    Very impressive software. BlueIQ is saving me 4 hours a week in pulling manual reports. Now they are all automated and my team just gets to work.
    Office Manager
  • WOW, BlueIQ is always coming up with ways to help you improve your performance, meet your goals and explode your practice. LOVE this product.
    Dr. Ben
    Practice Owner
    Thanks Dr. Frogley for the personal insight into how to use BlueIQ to leverage my data into actionable steps toward achieving my goals for practice and for life.
    Dr. Charles
    Practice Owner
    BlueIQ is simple, Easy, and the #1 Tool we use everyday. We love BlueIQ.
    Dr. Patrick
    Practice Owner
  • I joined the Front Desk Challenge to see if it would be helpful for our staff and so far I have loved the training!
    Front Desk
    The reports are amazing! We are so excited to fully implement this into our practice. It easily gives us valuable data on how we are performing and where we can improve.
    Front Desk
    Hands down best leadership training around! Do yourself a favor and get to a training.
    Dr. Ole
    Practice Owner
  • Blue IQ is wonderful! It shows you how to track your stats and progress. With Doc getting Blue IQ for the team to achieve our goals and to succeed is amazing.
    Front Desk
    The part I am most excited about is being able to have Blue IQ! The data we will be able to easily access will without a doubt increase our ability to heighten our service levels and increase production and collections!
    Office Manager
    Had my first webinar over the Front Desk Challenge. The tools we have by using BlueIQ to run our front desk set us up for success not just personally but as a practice.
    Front Desk

Download your FREE Practice Cashflow Blueprint 

Download your FREE Practice Cashflow Blueprint 


Download your FREE Practice Cashflow Blueprint 

“Before BlueIQ we had no way to measure progress, we were guessing at practice growth, now we have it down to a science.”

Dr. Bill Schenck, Practice Owner

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Thousands of practices are using BlueIQ to grow, by saving time, finding hidden revenue, filling schedules, creating a team driven practice, increasing production & so much more.

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