Introducing BlueIQ

What you do matters. You have a bold vision that goes beyond numbers and profit, that’s why BlueIQ goes beyond the traditional business dashboard. It’s our mission to help you discover what it takes to win.

Data-Driven Decisions Made Simple

Simplicity is powerful. BlueIQ automatically connects all your data together in one place so you can easily make the best decisions for the growth of your business.

Understand the Language of Your Business

Track the metrics and KPIs that matter most. The growth of your company depends on your ability to understand what’s happening so you can be proactive instead of reactive.

Create A Winning Team With Culture, Clarity & Purpose

Your team makes your practice what it is. Having a great culture matters. Assign employees metrics that track goals and give insight into performance. It’s called gamification. When it’s done right, your team is driven and boosting production is actually fun.

Automated Solutions for When Numbers Need to Improve

Empower your team to take control of their numbers. When goals aren’t being met, you and your team will automatically receive suggestions for training courses to help fix the problem.

Business Intelligence That Delivers the Information You Need.

Know the minute you need to take action. Get customized email and text notifications that keep you updated on what’s important, in real-time.

IN THE BLUE ALERT! Great news, Clinical Production has been In the Blue for the past 3 weeks. Keep up the good work!

Your Metric is In the Blue!

🙂 Website Visits finished the latest goal period at 101% of the goal with a total of 1,245. Nice Work!

Winning Trend Alert

🙁 New Patients is trending 62% below the goal. Login for details and suggestions on how to improve.

Losing Trend Alert

Let us show you how it works

Find out if Blue IQ is a good fit for your business. Schedule a 15 minute demonstration and get all your questions answered.